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Acrylic Custom Painting

Acrylic Custom Painting


This is how it works: 

 1. You buy this item here.

2. Once the order has gone through, an email confirmation gets sent to you.  Reply to that with your picture/s that you want me to paint from.  I will write you back confirming I got them.

3. Within 5 biz days I will send you a photo of your piece.  This is the time when you tell me you love it, or if you don't love it, why you don't so I can see if I can make it so that you do love it.  You loving it is really why I do this.

4. Once you are happy I pop it in the mail and it takes 6 - 8 business days to get to you, depending upon where you live in the world. 


The painting will be an original, one of a kind, watercolour painting signed by me.

It will be canvas on a wood stretcher, 12 inches x 12 inches big.  It will be 3/4 inches thick.

Remember to email me the picture/s you want me to work from.  Also include any background information you think I should know when I am creating the piece - I love to hear the story behind the image! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Judy Lennon
Amazing! Even better than expected! And I am an artist and tough critic!

I have been watching KK craft her art on Insta for a year or two and her clips of her painting. Well I have no pop art in my collection and I fell in love with her Dorothy with the pouty face and lips. I purchased it. My husband (The Scientist) "Insert eye Roll" said honey where are we gonna put that??? Well it arrived and he said WOW! That is better than expected. I really like it... I Really Really Like it. Y'all he always thinks the art I buy is weird or silly or he will say Thats a piece for Your Studio. This piece is on my dresser in my Bedroom. You can see more details in her work when you have it in your hands. Its amazing and so is she! I am buying more and it will be mu new addiction!

Claudia Lemire
My baby

I absolutely adore Kyra Kendall's acrylic custom painting of my younger daughter, it's lovely!

She captured her look from the picture, she did a beautiful job playing with the brush strokes and the pink tones.

Kyra was also very approachable and helpful during the whole process. I just order another one for my oldest daughter.


Quinn Nguyen

Kyra Kendall has been my favorite artist ever since 2016 and I’m always inspired by her! I love her art dearly and how she orchestrates every color and style so flawlessly and effortlessly. She was quick to finish my commission and paid attention to every detail!! Thank you again xo