life's like this

life's like this

Regular price $35

This is a 9 inch by 12 inch original (as in this is the only one in the whole world) watercolour painting.  It is on watercolour paper - which is a thick kind of card, that you can just pin to your wall, or put in a really nice frame.  

I only sell original paintings because I believe there is something really special about there only being one.  I will sign it before I send it off to you.  

The shipping is $15 if you live in the USA and $10 if you live in canada. I ship everywhere, but it's more the further away you live, obviously.  If you buy more than 1 painting the shipping is the same - so feel free to buy a few.

Also, I will slip a little extra something into your package, just because you are awesome to buy original art.